On guitar and vocals is Chuck Adams. Born and raised in Yakima WA, Chuck has lived his whole life there and now lives in the house he grew up in.

Chuck has been singing publicly since childhood. One of his earliest memories is of singing with his brother in church. When his parents felt he was old enough, they bought him his first guitar from a discount department store and enrolled him in lessons at a local accordion dealership. Chuck grew up singing in church and in school choirs. He learned to play saxophone and bass guitar, playing in school bands and ensembles.

In 2009, Chuck met Cheryl by becoming one of her fiddle students. In the monthly jam nights that she holds for her students and friends, they began to mesh as musicians. They soon found that with her fiddling, and him on guitar and vocals, they were able to play a wide variety of music. They began talking and then planning on playing for the public.

It has been said that some people "sing" while others "sang"; Chuck definitely falls into the latter category.

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